Addi Turbo Needles

Addi Turbo Needles

The Addi Turbos are a very popular knitting needle.   The Addi Turbos are circular knitting needles good for all skill levels.

They are made from nickel-plated brass and have pliable cables with snag-free joints.  Great for increasing your knitting speed!

The best thing – Addi backs this product and provides a great warranty on them.

Cord lengths: 13, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40, 47, 60 inches

Sizes range from 000 to 35 in varying lengths

Price Range: $8.95 – $17.50

There are many places to buy these.  You can check on Amazon here: <a href=””>Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles</a> @